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Hey all,

Have a late start tomorrow so have decided to stay up! The sky is clear, but annoyingly the moon is out, full, and almost directly overhead...Coupled with the city lights (though it's not that bright), it's not ideal for viewing...Could anybody recommend a few things for me to take a look at in these types of skies (not the moon!), or is it one of those nights I should write off?



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You could possibly locate sirius, if that is visible in your area, here its been coming up about 2 or 3 in the morning, possibly the brighter stars in orion as well. I've never looked at anything with a full moon so I honestly dont know how visible even these bright stars are.

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Hi con, when observing under poor conditions ( light pollution / bright moon )

then objects least affected by those conditions, include planets, double / multiple

stars, and the moon itself, although full moon not ideal. I have the Cambridge

double star atlas, and am not likely to run out of new targets any time soon !

Best regards, Ed.

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When the moon is out i look at Jupiter, Uranus, M13 globular cluster in Hrecules, M57 ring nebula in Lyra as these are quite bright dso`s. Double stars and obviously the Moon but not when it is full as very little detail can be seen.

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