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Dalby Forest Starfest 2011- 25th-29th Aug


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Eleventh Summer Star Festival, 2011

Friday August 26th to Monday August 29th (Three nights observing) extra night avail - see below

location: Adderstone Field, Dalby Forest, in the North York Moors National Park

We invite you to come and join us for three nights observing in an elevated dark site within the stunning Dalby Forest on the foothills of the North York Moors. Our site is within easy reach of Pickering, with its steam railway, and the seaside resorts of Scarborough, Whitby and Filey. There are many beautiful walks in the area, both within the forest itself and further afield. This area is well known for its many and varied attractions.

There is a large and well-drained field for camping, (tents and caravans) with portable toilets.

This year, because the hog roast last year was so popular (despite the rain!) we are organising another one this year. If you wish to partake of this the cost will be £5 per person for one sandwich plus apple sauce and stuffing, with salad, a glass of wine. Provision will be made for vegetarians if indicated on the booking form. We have to ask that this be paid for at the time of booking.

The cost this year will be

£20 per adult, (adults start at 16); 11-15 year olds £10; 5-10 yr olds £5, with under fives free. Please add £5 for each Hogroast.

*As last year we can accommodate early arrivals on the Thursday (after 5 pm) in order to help those who have a long way to come or those wanting an extra nights observing, and at the same cost as last year - £5 a car.

There is a limit to the number of guests we can accommodate, last year we were fully booked and unfortunately some could not join us,so book early and avoid disappointment!

Book here: Scarborough & Ryedale Astronomical Society

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no im afraid there is no leccy, most people who want power for imaging etc use batteries and then nip to the visitors center and charge them back up (after lots of use under late summer skies!) or there are quite a few generators dotted around the field and people tend to get charge their bats off these during the day.

there is a plan for power to be put up there by the forestry as they stage events up there but no date yet. last year was the first year we had running water (water bowser before)!

im hearing its quite busy on the booking front, so while your sat hiding from the wintery weather outside why not book a summer starfest to give yourself something to look fwd to??

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I wonder if Dalby Forest is under threat of sell off, like lots of other forested areas. If it is, the Starfest may be in jeopardy in future, which would be a shame.

Dalby is a great get together, and there are so many things to do around the Area. The site itself has great Mountain Bike trails. Graded in degrees of difficulty. The Noth Yorks.Moors Steam Railway is a popular attraction. Sometimes the Steam Traction Rally is held in Pickering. Scarborough is fairly close by too.

The Astromind Quiz is always popular to test your knowledge.:)

Great skies when the weather plays ball.


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Dalby is part of the same process as all the other publicly managed forests - including Kielder, Sherwood, Forest of Dean, Cannock, New Forest, Haldon, Grizedale, ect, ect - most have been owned by the public since the 1920s. The Govt has said the FC must sell off 15% of publicly owned woods in the short term (no one knows which apparently), and then future ownership of all 800,000 acres is under the spotlight - although the Govt has said it will consult the public first (probably from later this week). Who would buy Dalby? Could be split up between timber firms / lesiure businesses / shooting interests / estates - who knows? If you don't like the sound of that make your feelings known to your MP and/or sign the national petition. If you agree with the Govt - then just sit tight.

Oh, by the way, Star Fest is terrific event, you have to book first and it now always sells out, and there are just a few trade stalls, mainly Astronomica. Well worth a visit with skies easily as good as Kelling, perhaps a bit better.



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Can anyone local just turn up in a car or do they actually close the gates once all tickets are sold? I wouldn't need to camp.

if your local jonathan the society holds events in dalby first friday of every month sept to april. take a look here: link to date and directions:Scarborough & Ryedale Astronomical Society

we havent heard anything regarding possible sale of dalby, i think with the money it turns from the leisure side it would be an unlikely sell off. is of course of great concern for our society as of course starfest would be at risk but also our observatories within the forest.

update on tickets, almost twice as many pitches have gone than at this time last year. i can also confirm the repeat of the hog roast on the friday night.

ill be sure to pass the positive comments onto the others involved in organising the event


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Can anyone local just turn up in a car or do they actually close the gates once all tickets are sold? I wouldn't need to camp.

Yeah, could I just turn up on say Saturday night?

I only live near Northallerton, so would be better to drive there and back in one night.

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