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PHD + QHY5 Problems


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Hi all,

Im sure that this is not the first neither will it be the last time you will hear this problem, but i am having major problems with this conmbination.

I have downloaded both of the drivers in under the sticky thread, and i have downloaded PHD. From what i understand, once downladed and installed this should all work together?

So i plug in my QHY5 and open PHD. I click the camera icon and select my camera, now i am assuming it is the ASCOM v5 camera?

Now when i select this the only option it gives me in the ASCOM selector is 'Simulator'...

Am i missing something out?

Thanks in advance


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Keiran, the software for the QHY5 (v at least) comes in three parts...

1) OS software driver

2) Ascom plugin

3) QGVideo32 capture software

I believe that PHD can recognise the QHY5 as the Qguider directly, so you may not need the Ascom parts. I would suggest that you go to

QHY CCD software Download

and download the latest drivers. I checked the zip that is in the sticky, and it looks like just the OS drivers, you need the Ascom plugin also.

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I use the ASCOM drivers. When I select ASCOM, I get the simulator and the QHY5 to choose from.

I installed the QHY5 ascom drivers.

To prevent another problem later on: When you select the mount, if you are going to use pulse guiding with EQMOD, select ASCOM, if you are going to use the QHY5's ST4 port, select "on-camera". The latter is easier, but needs an ST4 cable from camera to mount.

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Thanks guys, I have tried it using Qguider, but i couldnt get the mount to move with it. I could see guide stars, but it would not callibrate... Maybe i have a dodgy ST4 cable? Anyone know where to get one of these?

John... I have downloaded all of that software, but maybe not the QGvideo.... Ill have to check

Dmahon... I have downloaded ASCOM, but i will check the link you have.

Thanks Again


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