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Any thoughts on the minimum version I should get for astrophotography? I see that CS4 and CS5 versions are available ... and an extended version, whatever that does.

Also suggestions to the best suppliers would be useful. I notice the prices vary enormously.

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OK. Maybe I've asked the wrong question in a sense.

Maybe I should ask what image stacking software I should go for first?

Would I be better to go for MaxIm DL, for example? I know this software has image processing features too.

Incidentally, I've played with RegiStax for some planetary imaging and DSS for some deep sky stuff.

DSS appears to produce files that my very old copy of Photoshop 7.0 can't open either.

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Incidentally, you can get a lot of software at very reduced prices perfectly legitimately from here, if you have anyone in the houshold who is a teacher or student (e.g. if you've got any kids at school).

For instance, you can get the full version of Photoshop CS5 at a price of £162.95. Still quite expensive, but £770 less than the full price. And completely legit!

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