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Early Morning for Copernicus, Stadius and Eratosthenes

Steve 1962

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First light with a new (to me) SW 200P. This was a 200/1000 avi taken with a QHY5v through a Baader Long Pass Red Filter and a 2x TV Barlow. Processed in Avistack 2 and PS Cs3.

I'm pleased with the way the peaks in Copernicus are just illuminated, but I'm not sure about the focus - what do you guys think?




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That's a fine shot, Steve- the focus is maybe a touch out. Hope you don't mind but I ran it through focus magic (which is my pet program at the moment!) and got this:


Just a touch sharper I think. I like the way you've caught the sunlit peaks of Copernicus :)

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Hold on a minute! Sowhat you're saying is by using a program such as focus magic, you can actually adjust the focus of a picture after its been taken?

Wow - the things you can do nowadays.

Yes you can Steve - up to a point - if you look at Recover Detail and Sharpen Your Blurred Photos you can read all the technical stuff. As a standalone it only does JPG's but as a plugin to photoshop or irfanview it does other formats. It's not a cure all, but it's better than unsharp mask and I find it's improved nearly all my images, even the ones I thought were OK in the first place. :)

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Thanks everyone for your comments and especially smerral - I see there's a trial version of Focus Magic - off now to download it!

I don't know what processing software you have. I don't have photoshop but use Irfanview among others. Irfanview is a free program. If you download the Adobe 8BF filters for it, then drop the focus magic.8BF file into the filter factory folder you can then use it as a plugin with irfanview. But if you do have photoshop it's supposed to work with that too.

Honestly sometimes I have used this software SEVERAL times on the same image with no ill effects. Hope it works for you!



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