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What else do I need?

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OK am starting to think about guiding, this is my kit so far, whats missing?...


EQ6 Pro Synscan

Megrez 90


Canon 1000D modded

ST80 scope

Meade DSI



Is it just a matter of connecting the Meade DSI to the laptop, sorting PHD and then the laptop to the EQ6 or do I need a GPUSB or something else?

Many thanks


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You need the laptop connected to either:

1) The EQ6 handset port

2) The EQ6 ST4 port

3) Both of the above

Depending on how you want to guide and if you want to control GoTo as well.

USB2EQ6 (or an EQDIR module from FLO) will do (1).

GPUSB will do (2).

You will probably want EQMOD/ASCOM set up on your laptop as well if it isn't already. I'd recommend CdC too.

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If you have an RS232 lead which should have come with the mount and also have a USB to RS232 lead then you will be able to connect the laptop to the serial port on the mount handset. You will be able to control the mount from a planetarium and use the pulse guiding method in EQMOD.

If you dont have the above leads then the EQdir module from FLO can be used to control the mount directly without the need of the handset. It is also possible to make this lead if you are handy with a soldering iron. A USB to TTL lead can bought for less than £15 and a 9 pin D-Type connector can be soldered on the lead. The info can be found on here and the EQMOD website.



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