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what star is that?

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yes i know, thats one of 'those' questions but i have a genuine interest.

Hello all.

Last night i noticed a light in the sky, (avid sky watcher) and have noticed this same light in various other places around the sky. The reason it attracts the eye, is because it appears to pulsate Pink to green to white over and over.

viewed without aid its very very bright, and pulsates.

Last night, with telescope and camera handy i snapped what i could get of it.

I am situated just south of mount macedon in Victoria Australia.

Facing due north, the star was in my 4'oclock position and approximately 45deg off the horizon.

Vague i know, and i am sorry.

This is a new hobby for me and i am still getting the hang of it.

I have been to the Heavens above website, orientated myself on the site and viewed and printed the sky map.

And i can not place it.

Like i said, i know its vague but i just thought i would throw it out there and see.

I also grabbed some 60x optical video of it.

In the video, there is a clear 'v' shaped dark patch at the top of it.

I am not sure if that helps at all.

I wil attach still from the footage if anyone wants them.

Like i said, just throwing it out there,

I look forward to your comments








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On further investigation I made a mistake I got your East and West mixed up I now believe it to be either.

Betelgeuse or Alderbaran.

Best thing to do is to go out another night and have another look I should be in roughly the same place and you can place it with it's surrouding stars, but that would be my best guess.

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oh! so did you think it was Fomalhaut in Piscis Austrinus or Betelgeuse or Alderbaran?

I was confused when i went looking for it so dont think your confusing me further!!:)

i did an image search and Fomalhaut in Piscis Austrinus had a similar 'V' shaped cut out as my video showed so i was sold at the first suggestion!!!

But if its Betelgeuse or Alderbaran then i am ok with that to!

kind Regards


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I believe that Fomalhaut is in your West sky and Canopus is in your East and you said 4o'clock which would be your East sky.

My guide for the Victoria region of Australia says that at roughly 23:45 at about 130,37 (Thats about 4:30 o'clock and close to the height of 45) that Canopus was the brighest star in that region.

It was no trouble I was looking it up on my lunch break and night shift is quiet tonight so I have some free time.

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