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Quick Orion/Running man


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I decided to use my modded Canon 1000D on the Mak Newt for the first time. Below is the result.

Details - 80 x 1min subs Canon 1000D modded no IR filter (forgot to put it on!) on a SW 190 MN F5.3 scope

Guided using PHD, stacked in DSS - Flats only applied. Very quick tweak in PS - Full Frame shot

Thanks for looking


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Great result, may need Bias frames for banding but easily removed. The dark dust has come out really well below the Running Man. Short subs for the Trapezium area is worth a try but thats an impressive start Pete, the IR filter may increase contrast further.


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Nice Pete. The MN190 does a great job even with such a big chip as the 1000D:)

Can you send me just one of the subs, a good one please? I'd love to show you what Pixinsight can do for this image in about 5 mins :)

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Hi and thanks for all the positive replies, it really was just to see how the 1000D performed on this wonderful scope. I will do some darks tonight as the fog has now really settled putting paid to any narrowband work I had hoped to do.

Martin the Atik is fine, honestly apart from trying the canon I just wanted to have an easy night going for OSC image, set up then go to bed get up for meridian flip and then do the horsehead till dawn, again getting a load of zzzz's in. The other bonus is that it need just a simple stack in DSS and then tweaking, which I will spend a bit more time on.

cheers Pete

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Hi Pete,

Here's the crop of the core of m42 from that raw file you sent me. Just to demonstrate really that the image has nearly all of the core detail right there, just the small area right around the trapezium is oversaturated. (use 5-10 secs to get this area)

You can bring the core back in PS I guess, with layers and stuff, but with 2 clicks in Pixinsight on the HDR wavelet tool it comes back as you see.

Seems a shame to have the data for areas, but then it gets whited out while bringing the fainter areas up. With a little bit of wizardry it can be brought back ;)

That data looks great btw if that single sub was anything to go by :)




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