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Moon close ups from the15th


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Yesterday was crystal clear, seeing wasn't bad, but I had a problem with wind shake. On the leeside of the house the moon wasn't visible, more's the pity.

The shots below were taken with the Mak and x2 Barlow, and SP900NC cam, they each have 500-600 frames stacked. I lost most of the others because of the wind shake, but these haven't come out too badly. Really I needed 1000+ frames I reckon. Can't wait for a clear and quiet night so I can experiment with the Tal x3! :)

Copernicus, a 56 mile diameter crater and one of the most famous on the moon:


Plato, another famous, lava filled crater, 60 miles across. Solitary Mt. Pico to the south rises 8000 feet above the Mare Imbrium:


Promontory Laplace and the straight range, west of Plato. The eastern side of Sinus Iridium, the Bay Of Rainbows, is visible on the left. Wouldn't it be nice if these really were seas?


And finally Clavius, largest crater on the moon, 140 miles across. Some parts of its crater rim rise to 17000 ft.


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Frame rate was 10fps - conditions weren't good enough for 5fps but that's worth trying if the seeing is really good. Gain was about 50% as were gamma and brightness. I captured 1000 frames but lost half of them because of wind shake. Ideally you need to process 1000+ for these close ups.

Hope that helps.


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