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another heads up

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I hope it's not going to be another of those auctions where there are stacks of bids and the thing is snatched in the last 20 seconds by somebody who swoops in on the back of some sniper program.

I normaly try to do that :insects1: only I don,t use a program


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I think they cost money, but some of them let you have one try-out for nothing. Dealers use them all the time to grab the goods and avoid being glued to a screen when they'd rather be doing something else. A lot of private UK sellers of old telescopes and other optics set their auctions to end in the middle of the night local time in the hope of getting fat bids from wide-awake Americans. What always surprises me about eBay is that, even though it's been going for long enough for everyone to see how it works, hordes of people still bid furiously against each other days before the auction ends.

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