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Spotting scope and eyepiece troubles.

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hey all,

I recently got my first telescope, a skywatcher skyliner 150p dobsonian and I was just wondering if any one could help with this little problem I was having with the spotting scope. It keeps getting knocked off, and when I have to reline it again the cross is really awkward. And since Christmas is on the way, I was thinking of getting an easier spotting scope, can anyone recommended a certain type?

I was also having trouble with which eyepieces to aim for. I have already got a 20mm plossel, and I was just wondering if it would be worth investing in a Barlow and which magnifaction eyepieces to contemplate. any input appreciated, thank you.

kelly :)

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IMHO you cant beat a TELRAD to help find your target. Dont get knocked off, help with star hopping and batteries last for ever even if you dont switch it off.

Sure the EP on Dob experts will be along soon to advise on that.

Clear Skies


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Have you got the rubber ring in place at the upper end of the finderscope holder, around the body of the finder ? - this usually keeps the finder fairly well in place but if it's not there the slightest knock will disturb it.

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Hi Kelly

I would recommend fitting a red dot finder, it makes it so much easier to find your way around the sky.

Yes, while you have a limited number of eyepieces a decent barlow will help.

As for eyepieces it depends on what you want to look at really, if you are interested in the planets then I'd be looking at one of these: a 6mm (200x), 7mm(171x) or an 8mm(150x) what type you get depends on budget, for a reasonable compromise on cost/quality I would recommend the TMB planetary clones sold here: 1.25" 7mm 58 Degree TMB designed Planetary eyepiece on eBay (end time 29-Nov-10 19:13:35 GMT). I would also recommend getting a low power eyepiece like a 32 or 40mm for lower power views of galaxies, eyepieces seem to be a lot more forgiving at this end of the scale so you probably have more choices.

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thanks guys,

my dad sorted the spotting scope out this afternoon, so it shouldn't be knocked off again, fingers crossed. but I still think it's worth investing in a red dot finder. as for the eyepieces, when I'm better again I was hoping to get a good view of planets and deep sky objects, but I wasn't sure what kind of eyepieces I would need or if my scope would allow it. thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks to bigwings, jahmanson and xboxdevil for your inputs.


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