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The big four in ... Orion ;)


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This is an image from my first guided session. This region was not in my plans, but with my observing friend decided to make a test between modded (and cooled) and unmodded 1000D, Also this is an easy to guide target even for the poor SPC900NC.

The result of the test is that on my stack there is the same quantity of red as on his single stub.

Here is my modest result of the big four of the Orion belt - IC434, Nebula B33(Horsehead), NGC2024(Flame Nebula), NGC2023.


Alnilam is just out of the field and brings mixed feelings in me...

Once I finish my NGC7023 project will re-process this image using the new processing techniques that I'm trying to learn and more darks to see if there is something more to get out :)

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I love this image of the horse head nebula, I cant wait to get back out and use the scope, even though I wouldn't have a hope of viewing something like this. I'm still getting used to the scope anyway. Orion is one of my favourite constellations, and its no wonder with images like this.

kelly :)

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Most images of this area are Ha heavy. this shot shows all the dark nebulosity very nicely. There is more to this area than Ha! You will have a terrific shot if you can bring out the best from both the modded and unmodded

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