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aperture fever ...doh!

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well i gave into the above condition over the weekend as i saw a skywatcher 300 f5 next on ebay going for around £325. Now , the sensible side of me would have looked into its size, whether my mount could take it, and most importantly how i was going to sneak it in past the wife etc before i bought it , but the mists rolled accross my vision and i bought it anyway.

Now I realise that my eq5 is going not going to work tremdously well lol! but as this will be a visual scope im not too worried about its tracking but obviously i am having to look at other options .

Had thought about seeing iff could convert it to a dobs by buying the dobs base from skywatcher, but then how to i attack it to that ?

secondly thought about the following Dobsonian Mount

anyone have any experience of these?

HOw about any other suggestions , thought maybe of getting the optical ring tubes and trunion and making my own as have made a smaller dobs mount for my old tasco reflector for the kids

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what about mounts on the tube, it comes with two rings but nothing else, which is why the orion system appealed , how to you fit the mount to the OTA

Improvise :)

You can build the OTA into a wooden box, with the tube rings holding the tube into that box. Then the box sits onto the dobsonian fork and base. Something like this:

Plans for a Dobsonian telescope

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I like your style, I want it, I need it, I've bought it :p:hello2::eek:

Damn the consequences, I'll deal with them afterwards :):headbang::)

Maybe an EQ6 will appear on e-bay :eek:

Or, you could try "hey hon, you'll never believe it but I just found an EQ6 in a skip" :D

How heavy is it anyway, I've read some where that an EQ6 would struggle to track with it, some one on here the other day was suggesting that waiting for the EQ7 to be released was the best option for the SW300. But that's gonna cost ££££'s by all accounts.

Either way though, it's going to give some fantastic views - and you got youself a bargain to boot. :(

Just out of interest, what are the physical dimensions of the OTA?

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Wondered about the dimensions
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Hi Stephen,

I wouldnt even try and get it on your EQ5, I had my 12" mounted on the NEQ6 which is the mount it was sold with, it needed 4 5kg counterweights to balance it and they needed to go on an extension bar which fitted on the end of the counterweight bar.

I am in the process of building a dob base for mine. I have two sets of rings so what I have done is taken the dovetail off of one set and bolted it onto the other set of rings as the design of the rings allows for this. I will then be bolting a 6" diameter bearing to each dovetail and these will then slot into a rocker box.

I'm about to start putting some drawings together ready for when the 18mm ply arrives. If you like when I've done these I can send them over to you to have a look at. Its an incredible scope and I always loved the views when I used it EQ mounted but I will enjoy it even more when its Dob mounted as it will take a couple of minutes to wheel out of the shed and get into place......shame its not 20".......

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