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Starting to think about the shed project, before I go too mad doing stuff in the garden.


1) Only needs to house pier, scope and PC, so I'm thinking 8x6 should be big enough

2) Roof - is a Pent type roof easier to convert than a apex?

3) Moisture - I have read some people run a de-humidifier to keep down moisture. Thoughts on this?

4) PC - I'd like a permanent PC in there, so I assume I need some sort of enclosure when not in use?

5) Base - any gotchas I should be aware of?

6) Pier - types?

7) Shed suppliers?


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philip helped (made :D) a shed for my scope, we decided roll-off was not good as i only have a postage stamp sized garden so i have a shed thats ultra insolated and has piped usb power and long exposure cables running to my pier that was built at the same time, inside is a big battarie topped-up with a solar panel, has lights both normal and red, with a power extrension to get power for my laptop and heater 8)

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I just had a glance at the plastic shed conversion in October S@N. Rather liked that.

The owner is a customer of mine; I know he'd be pleased to answer any questions :D

I am pretty sure he is also an SGL member but I don't know his username... Perhaps he will find this thread.

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Making my own observatoery ,to hell with buying one , can make it for £150 , Daz i lined my other one out in ply , over roof insulation , then finished off in polestyrene tiles 18 inch , leave all my gear in there puter and scope , warm as a bug in a rug ehehheheh .


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Thanks everyone for the links. I shall be following them up, but I think I shall be going for a pent-style wooden shed. It suits the position I have earmarked in the garden. A roll-off will be order of the day.

My garden has a slope from front to back, and right to left (as you face the garden) so sticking the shed in the back left hand corner drops me below the streetlight level I can over the neighbours fence, and I get a little bit more Southern sky. A little bit being 20ft beteen houses, but there you go!!

Thanks again

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Quick question on size chaps.

This only needs to be big enough for the scope, which will initially be an 8" f5 newt. It may well change in the future, but I can't see it being any longer than 1200mm.

So, I reckon 6x6 will be big enough but I'd welcome any other thoughts.


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The narrower shed will limit your horizon (AMHIK) unless your pier sticks up a long way, then you will have lid issues clearing the parked 'scope. As big as possible mate is my best advice, gets the available sky increased dramatically. My taller pier for the HEQ5 can't get M16 and it's furthest from the southerly side of the shed, about 3M off it to be more correct.

If you are considering fold - down sides, you should be OK at 6' X 6'

Captain Chaos

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I built an 8' x 7' roll-off roof observatory earlier this year. It was a lot of work, but well worth it.

If you go to my observatory web page at http://almiraobservatory.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/index.html you can see how it was built. The 'Useful Links' page has loads of links to websites about building your own observatory.

From my experience, there are three key things to building a successful home observatory. These are planning, planning and planning; in that order!

See if you can look at other peoples observatories, ask questions on forums, read books, climb mountains etc. etc. etc.

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I was going to go the metal shed route but deemed condensation was going to be a problem (as read elsewhere), I know there are lots of things you can do to minimise this but it was extra work and cost. Here's another good example of a metal obs http://www.linnhe.net/observatory/

Anyhow I decided to go the wood route as my first ob was wood and condensation was never a problem but 12 years of neglect was (I had 3 kids and astronomy took a back seat :lol:)!







The original obs worked very well, roll off roof and drop down south wall, I will be doing the same with this http://www.gardenbuildingsdirect.co.uk/images/products/waltons/eavess.jpg

Im starting demolishing the old obs as we speak, I'll keep you posted on progress :)

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