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Is the Sensor Square ?


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Random question, i use an ummoded Cannon 450D with my Skywatcher Explorer 250 OTA - does it matter which way I orientate the camera or is it simply good practice to orientate the same way every time ?


John B

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It wont make any difference to the light distribution as it's a cylindrical light path. The only thing that can happen is some of your objects end up in a strange angle

Most people put cameras in at either 0 or 90 degrees, depending on what object you are imaging, but of course there is no rule about this and some nice framing can be done with certain objects as certain angles

Take M31 for example, most people have it at a square angle, but it can look quite good if you can get the angle right to make it appear flat across the image

Here is one from Rogelio Bernal Andero:


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I like to stay orthogonal if I can frame the image because my flats are more durable over several images and doing mosaics, something I do regularly, is far, far quicker to set up. But otherwise, let the composition of the image decide.

Rogelio has the luxury of an enormous 11000 chip but most of us have to mosaic M31 or squeeeeeeze it in on the angle!



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