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dark skies,north wales

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Anywhere south of the A 55 you can easily get away from the coastal light pollution. I live in Anglesey and the skies are pretty good especially along the north coast and around the Newborough area.

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"no need to go so far in to north wales !if you are traveling from the city's or large towns, just out side wrexham very dark skies Llangollen horse shoe pass its shut off from all the st light glow !! you will love the skies a star party up in worlds end would be good:headbang:

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The skies north of Barmouth are excellent, to the west you have the Irish Sea, to the east are high hills (up to 1,600 feet above sea level), the only major towns are Harlech and Barmouth and these do not give off any real light pollution at all. There are many camp sites and other forms of accommodation in the area, if you go out of season you can get much better rates. Only down side is when it rains, it rains a lot. You cannot win with the weather in this country.

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thanks guys,i ended up about 15 miles east of bala,bortle 4 or 5 it was when i

checked. next time it will be just east of barmouth, according to a web site i found the other day which stated this place has a bortle 3



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