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Commercial Pier

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I'm on the lookout for a manufactured pier. I've come across two, Astro Eng AC282 (£425) and Altair Astro (£495). Are there any others I should be looking at? Any comments on them? I can't use the concrete filled tube solution for various domestic reasons.

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Or try a local engineering or fabrication firm. They might be able to make you something relatively cheaply - after all, you could get a decent pier by welding a steel cylinder to a plate at either end. Leave a hole in the centre of the top plate and you could fill it with sand for stability.

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Yeah, hope so. The Altair pier doesn't have the slotted holes in the base and looks like it has a broader diameter. I have always remembered my history teacher telling me to "consider the source" of any comment; that guy is bound to say the other piers are better - he sells them!

I also don't agree with him about the top not needing adjustment. It's only a hunch, but it seems to me that the adjustments on the mount itself cannot correct for a base that is not level, depending on which direction it is not level.

It bugs me a little when someone's biggest sales tactic is to really bash the opposition (it's why I'm not interested in politics!), rather than simply promoting the virtues of your own product.

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