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Lidl Rocktrail 10x50 Binoculars for £14.99


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Cheap and cheerful! I use a pair to keep myself occupied stargazing whilst waiting for time to pass when imaging. If you accept that they are "fifteen quids worth" then they are exellent.

I also use them out and about - and on holiday - where they get treaded with less respect than they should, they have stood up to it well.

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I remember when Lidl done the Bresser bins, I tried 3 pairs in shop and all three were out of collimation, eventually found a good pair and within 4 weeks they went out of collimation. I know they were only £12.99 but still pretty bad I think.

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blumming hell I just Typed a huge reply and lost it !

I love my lidl bins :eek:

I use mine all the time and they've held their collimation well.. Even after being manhandled by the kids.

They feel well made for the price.

The only problem I have had with mine is that the eyepieces don't quite go close enough together but I'd think that's only likely to be an issue for women or men with eyes freakishly close together.

I've used mine for birdwatching too and sailing and find them to be a great.

I'd really recommend then but sure you try before you buy. There were a lot of duds in the shop when I got mine.

I might get another pair if they are selling them again.

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Got a pair recently and for 20 euros they are not bad, just use them for casual observing when there is no time to get the scope out. Find them OK to look at the Moon, Jupiter + moons, double cluster and some easier messiers such as M31, M45

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