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do you have a classified section

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Takes a little while for it to show once you hit the needed 50 posts. Hang in there, you'll see it next to Equipment reviews when it does appear. Perhaps refresh the page to make sure your browser isn't loading from cache.

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It's a shame that the new people, the people who are usually on the look out for starter scopes are unable to see the classified section, while a lot of the really nice kit in there is suitable for new comers and would save them some serious money.

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Just a friendly reminder that the 50 posts rule has been done to death many, many times before! There is no need to discuss it further and the situation will not change.

Please refer to the forum Code of conduct and rules. Should you have any quereis, please feel free to PM any member of the Admin or Moderating team.

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Sorry, wasn't trying to be controversial.

Genuinely didn't realise this was another topic we aren't allowed to talk about.

We are allowed to talk about it, as we are allowed to talk about anything except the subjects stated in the rules, but it's been gone over and over ad nauseum, so it seems rather pointless doing so again.

If you want to find out more about the reasoning behind the decision, I suggest that you search through the old posts on the matter. However, the decision has been made and that's that.


Edited by RobH
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