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I'm in the dark


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Recenly moved from London to the Dorset coast. Always wanted to have a telescope but didn't see the point in London. I now have a nice big sky in my back garden and have bought my first scope - a NextStar 6se. Since I bought it last week, there has only been one object in the night sky however, I did get it set up and got an excellent view of Jupiter on my first peek. I now realise that I need an eyepiece with a higher magnification than the one supplied. It is on its way, as is an adaptor to fit my Nikon D200. I know very little about astronomy but the heavens have fascinated me since childhood. Gone are the velvety black night skys and clear milky way of my schooldays. Hopefully, I can find them again and look forward to looking upwards.

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Hi, there is a south cost group that may be of interest to you. Search via the community tab. I think that occasionally they meet up in the New Forest. Could be useful to say hello.

I guess that the 6SE had a 25mm eyepiece. Being about f/12 or possibly f/15 I suggest that for the time being you stick to a 10mm as the smallest and a 12 mm could well be more useful.

At some time you will need to get a 30mm or 32mm simply to capture bigger views of various objects. Also useful in aligning the scope.

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Hi Vulcan and welcome to the group :)

The 6SE was my first scope and gave me many wonderful views. Still does. I use a collection of eyepieces with it ranging from 32 down to 4mm and sometimes use a barlow to increase the magnification further (x2). The focal ratio of the scope is F10 and it's a good all rounder. Excellent choice and I wish you many hours of enjoyment with it.

EDIT: Try not to use batteries to power it as this usually gives strange results when pointing and tracking objects. They can also make it tough to align. A power tank from Maplin is a better bet.

All the best


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Hi Guys, Thank you for all the welcome messages, very touched indeed. As I only got my scope of Friday, I haven't had much of a chance to use it - blumming weather! I look forward to browsing the forum and may have some hard questions ;?) vulcan

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