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Maxim and PHD problem


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Hi all I’ve used phd for guiding with the dmk on the eq6 and it works without problem all the time on it’s standard settings. Then I put Maxim5 into my XP desktop and phd has started to play up. When it starts it’s calibration it normally does about 6 in each direction but after Maxim was installed it now does 60 in each direction and then it doesn’t guide properly. My XP laptop without maxim in it works perfectly with phd, my new window7 laptop has maxim and phd in it and phd won’t work. To me I seems to be a conflict between the 2 programs, has anybody else noticed this, thanks,,,Paul.

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Thanks Rob i never had Maxim running last night only phd but it just won't work. Can you use maxim to guide on cam 2 without having a cam connected to cam 1. The reason i ask, last night i had my dslr and a 400mm lens and i was going to guide with a refractor, side by side. phd won't work so i wanted to guide using cam 2 in maxim but this would not work because i had no camera connected to cam 1 and you can't select no camera on cam1.Hope that makes some sense,,Paul.

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