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Seems to be 70mm dia, 700mm FL.

Means F/10.

So magnification is: 700/EPFL. (EPFL = Eyepiece focal length)

Suggest a standard 10mm, a 30mm and a 15mm.

These would give therefore: 70x, 23x and 47x

You will probably like a 7mm to give 100x.

The spec says max mag = 250x.

Not a chance!

Maximum is probably 100x in real use.

The scope takes standard 1.25" eyepieces.

Suggest a normal plossl type, easy to get and cheap.

Antares Plossl, ~£20, Rother Valley.

Vixen NPL Plossl, ~£30-40, Sherwoods.

GSO Plossl, ~£32, 365 Astronomy.

Where about are you, may be a shop close enough to visit.

P.S. Suggest that you don't bother with the erecting prism.

Just looked, you are Leicestershire, may be worth saying hello to the East Midlands group. One may be close and have a plossl or two for you to try.

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Try Sherwoods near Warwick - it's the nearest one I've found to Leicester and have had a few things from them and found them to be quite reliable and good service.

Binoculars, Telescopes, Night Vision, Astronomical Telescopes, Bird Watching Binoculars - Sherwoods-Photo.com

Otherwise you're stuck with the local photgraphy shops that I've found to be quite unsatisfactory and overpriced regarding astronomy kit.

Alternatively FLO (see link at top of page) are excellent even though they're not near Leicester. :eek:

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I'd not spend too much money on this - someone on here or on astro buy and sell will sooner or later sell off the 10mm and 25mm eyepieces that came with a scope. These arent great but they are adequate for the scope you have.

Alternately give Stsve at FLO a ring (banner at the top of the page) and he will help you out for sure without mugging you in any way.

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