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Check these 3D images out!!

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Have a look at this website, im not sure if its been posted on here before or not, but its well worth a look anyway!

It takes a bit of practice to do it but once you learn, some of these images are fantastic!.

I found the best way to do it, is to stare at both images (with your eyes about 10 inches from the screen)and gradually draw them into the center by slowly and gradually going crosseyed, then once you have the image as one, just relax and sort of let your eyes undo themselves (which they probably dont) and there infront of you will unfold brilliant 3d images!

I found after a bit of practice i literally can do it within a couple of seconds now!

Astro Anarchy: stereo images

Warning this might make some people dizzy or give you headaches.

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Now that I've got the hang of it, George's images popped out very easily. The astro images are an interpretation of what the various objects might look - they still look great.:eek:

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Great, far better than I thought they'd be (george7378s ones that is, the linky no worky). I found that if I shield the left and right images with my hands, leaving the middle '3D' one, that I really do get that 3d effect. Nice one, can't wait to try that link at home...

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