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Hyperion Zoom


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Spoke with the importers today and asked them the same (I have had them on order for months). They are looking into it. I'll post here as soon as I know. It is deeply frustrating that Baader can produce them for their home market but seem unable to send any here!!!

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The thing that really floats my boat is that it's parfocal. I've used the vixen 8-24 before now and having to refocus when changing the zoom really anoyed me. Combined with my 3-6 zoom it's 90% of everything I need. Not read many reviews yet but if it's cheap (about £100) then I can't see it NOT making it into my eyepiece box

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Found a review here of all places


From the review:-

I haven’t had a chance to try the Baader on the Diascope yet, but it certainly looks like a real alternative. I prefer it to the Zeiss on my AP scope. On the Diascope it would produce a little more magnification than the Zeiss zoom (21x-63x on the 85mm), but would not be waterproof. Optically, I think the Baader is the best zoom eyepiece I’ve tried so far. It manages to combine the wide field width of the Zeiss with the high light transmission, contrast and color accuracy of the Swaro and Nikon, and at a bargain price. I can’t find much to complain about.

Looks pretty good.


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