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Couple of questions about FLO

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I've tried calling today but there's no answer, so I assume they work M-F. I was wondering if they're able to specify delivery days, or guarantee next day delivery?

I was hoping I could get an order in today for delivery on Monday, but it looks like that isn't going to be possible now. I'm off work again on Thursday, so does anyone know if I ordered the day before, could they get it to me then?

I just don't like the idea of missing the delivery and having almost £700 of fragile equipment getting carted back to a sorting office and lying around for a few days.

Thanks :eek:

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If they have it in stock then they'll bend over backwards to get it to you when you want it, as always subject to how good the carrier is...

If the item is drop shipped then I guess it becomes a little harder.

Best thing to do is call them and speak to them - they really will bend over backwards.

I'm pretty sure that the phones are manned M-F 10-4 if memory serves me correctly, but an email may get answered quicker as I think Steve works as many hours as he can get away with :eek:

There is a high likely hood that FLO won't see this thread.


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... I was wondering if they're able to specify delivery days, or guarantee next day delivery?

Hi Dave, I've responded to your email but in case it gets thrown into a spam folder - yes we (well, you actually) can specify a specific weekday for delivery if you wish.

There was a notice from FLO earlier in the week that they were one man down for a couple of days (another one escaped, I thought they had filled in that tunnel! )

It's been all week unfortunately but the escapee has been caught and that tunnel blocked off, things should be back to normal on Monday :eek:


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Thanks James. I'll specify which day I'd like in the notes on the order. Sent one last question before I place the order. Suppose I could post it here too, in case anyone else knows...

I understand that a collimation cap is needed to be used in conjunction with a Chesire Collimator. I know they're usually simple enough to make, but I'd rather buy one as I'm sure they wont cost much and it eliminates the risk of me doing it wrong. I noticed you don't sell anything like that though. Does it come with the Chesire Collimator, or if not, can you recommend a place where I could buy one?

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I ordered my telescope yesterday and am expecting delivery tomorrow. The Hotec laser is sold out so they have lent me a Chesire in the meantime. When a rang at 9 it went to answerphone. At 11 it was answered so a 10 o'clock start would explain that. It may be you can asked for Sat delivery although you may have to pay. I considered it but didn't ask question because someone will be in for me.

I understand your problem. I know Leicester main sorting office far too well:mad:.


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