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Ok i have the above and it says i need a 12v 1 amp supply so will a 12v 7 amp sealed lead acid battery be ok to use instead of a wall socket type power supply. And is the recommended 1 amp just minimum requirement or will the 7 amp supply damage the mount?

The battery is from my model plane flying days so is only small and im sure back then the higher the amp the longer the battery would last.

Would this be the case with the mounts as the feed is still 12v?

Cheers Paul

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A 12v power supply from Maplins will power your mount. Although ideally you should use a (more expensive!) leisure battery (from a caravan or boat shop).

A 12v 7amp battery will deliver 1amp at 12v for 7hours (or 7amps for 1 hour). If your equipment needs 1amp that is all it will draw regardless of the size of the battery (assuming 12v of course!) - so a 12v 17Ah (Amp-hour), which is what the Maplins power pack is - will allow your mount to run for 17hours at 1amp.

BUT you should not run the battery fully down and your mount will draw 1 amp when tracking - if you use fast slew it could draw at least 2amps.

Don't forget to budget for a decent charger as well - it all soon adds up!

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