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Yet another eyepiece question (this time for dobs)

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I just started using my new 12" Lightbridge. I want to start my eyepiece collection, but I do not know which ones will be best per focal length. I do not plan on buying Ethos or similar; they seem too expensive for me. I also understand that fast scopes like mine (f/5) can be unforgiving on some eyepieces.

I already have the 10mm Hyperion and 31mm Hyperion Aspheric, so intend to get at least three more pieces in approximately the following sizes: ~24-26mm (2"), ~14-17mm (1.25" or 2"), and ~6-8mm (1.25"). Which ones do you recommend?

P.S. I plan to use the high power ones on the planets, so I have read that the less glass elements used, the better (are we talking orthos or plossls?)


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You could do worse than getting Hyperions to cover the focal lengths you identify, eg: the 24mm, 17mm and 8mm Hyperions. Their wide field of view helps with an un-driven dobsonian scope as objects stay in the field longer (as you know because you already have some).

Thats just one suggestion - many others will surely now follow !.

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If you get both FTR's (14mm, 28mm) you'll have a variety of focal lengths. Check the table on RVO website at the bottom of the Hyperion ep's section. The big benefit is you may not need to buy so many ep's. :eek:

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If I intended on having a range of as many as 5 eyepieces for a 12 inch, I would make the two shortest ones of about 8mm (190X) and 5mm (300X), for that sized scope, 190X for planets & X300 for v. close double stars and the planets when seeing allows. Although many seem to cope with seeing all the detail they need with about X200 - perhaps it is my 45 year-old eyes but I feel more comfortable using 300X for most of my high power work.

I do not use powers of less than 90X as light pollution makes the images too lacking in contrast where I live,


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