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Nebula Filters for dark skies?


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I want to know what's the best nebula filter to be used under dark skies.

I have the baader OIII and find it too strict on most targets and, more often then not, the unfiltered view shows me more of the target. I'm looking for something that will boost contrast while retaining as much brightness as possible. The general idea is to detect structure on nebula more easily.

I would like to know if you've used other filters in dark sky conditions and what did you think of them vs the unfiltered view?

My research so far seam to point to better results with an UHC or a broad band filter then an OIII.

Feel free to point out some brands/models you tried and your opinion on them. I seen UHCs ranging form 50£ up to almoust 200£ and would like to know if the cheaper ones behave the same or is it worth paying a bit extra for the quality.


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Hi Paulo, I have an OIII and UHC filters. I think that most folk, including myself,

would recommend a UHC first, as it works better on more objects. But I wouldn't

be without my OIII, it's brilliant on some objects like the Veil SNR. I find them useful

from my light polluted garden and under better skies, my clubs dark site plus N Norfolk

and mid Wales. On the right objects, they give a very definite improvement over the

unfiltered view. Even useful with my 90mm short focus refractor to see both sides

of the Veil in the same view.

I've used Astronomik and Lumicon filters, both good, but cant comment on

other brands.

Regards, Ed.

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Thanks Ed.

The Lumicon, Astronomik and Thoasand Oaks do get great reviews and I'm inclined to get one of this. But I also read good reviews on the skywatcher and baader UHC's which are much cheaper but I can't seam to find any side by side comparison.

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I gave up using nebula / light pollution reduction filters for visual work because I found I could see more without them ... and my sky isn't especially dark. OIII does work but only on some targets - in general, good for planetary nebulae, worse than useless for galaxies.

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