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Scopes in the rain

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Desperate for some clear skies, I took my TAL-1 outside this evening to pear through the gaps in the clouds. Then it started clouding over so I put the cap on and went inside, hoping the sky would clear later. Finally decided it wouldn't so went to get the scope back in again, only to discover it was raining that horrible fine stuff. Scope is wet. Mirrors should be ok as I had the cover on but I did not put a cap on the eyepiece so the lens got wet.

Should I be concerned? What is the best way to dry it?

--- Penguin.

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Let it dry naturally a little water will not harm your TAL...

You can dry the mount and tube with a dry cloth if you want..

Lovely scope...

As you say need some clear skies...Should get some early next week with NW'lies after the storm...


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