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Cannon 1000D on SW 2 inch focusser


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As a result of an award at work, I have now got myself a Canon EOS 1000D and the plan, needless to say, is to attach it to my SW 8 inch newt (now sat on an HEQ-5 mount). The questions are: With a T ring and and a simple (SW?) 2 inch adaptor to fit my focusser, will I have enough travel to get reliable focus with the standard camera? Also, is a coma corrector absolutely essential from the word go or can I get away with cropping the image a little. For info the focusser is the single speed crayford style 2 inch focusser fitted to the SW 8 inch reflectors as standard I believe but it is now motorized. Oh what a joy that is, vibrationless focussing!


PS, the awad wasn't money, it was a voucher for Comet, hence the Canon and not a CCD imaging camera...

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I've got the Skywatcher R&P focuser with a 1.25" EP barrel fitting. I can unscrew the barrel to expose a male T thread flush with the end of the focuser. The camera T ring can screw straight onto it.

This is about the lowest profile you can get.

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Furthermore when you get your coma corrector (you will, trust me!) it has a T-thread on one end and the 2" adaptor on the other. So it doesn't take up any more space in your imaging train as the coma corrector ends up going inside the focuser and secured into place with the two screws.

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