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LGRB filter set - Baader or Astronomiks?


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Must say I'm very pleased with my Astronomik type 2c set - parfocal and with built-in IR blocking. IIRC (from when I was buying) the cheaper Baader set do not have the IR blocking function built in and had a lower transmission band efficiency. The Astrodon set are said to be even more efficient than the Astronomik but are considerably more expensive.

BTW the Astronomik LRGB set are also parfocal with other filters in the Astronomik range e.g. the very useful Planet Pro 742.

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Wow TJ that's quite a collection you have there!

I noticed the OP was talking about the 1.25" filters, but does the same ring true for the 2" versions of these?

Is the price difference even more considerable with the larger filters?

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