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My new panoramic view


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Hello every body,

So, yesterday I was happy to get in middle of the night the sky clear because I was little worry about the dust and the spiders who beginning to come in my refractor box :eek:!

So, I can't continue my first project with the NGC 6960 so I will finish it the next year ! After that, I decided to beginning a new project like this one in Orion nebulae of IC 434:

There is 2 images of 8 x 900s in Ha but I removed the star in left side because the weather were too humid and the result of the bright star were very bad and the look were not nice. So, I decided to cut this parts and I will shot this star the next time when the climat will be not too humid.


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Perfect! Just gorgeous.

Alnitak is a challenge but you can, with care, resolve it into a double. Try some shorter exposures though in the end what worked for me and for Tom, my friend, was to prepare separate stretches just for the star and apply them one at a time to the otherwise finished image. You are right about a dry night being needed. That is a real beauty on the way, Franck.


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Thank you very much Olly for yours advices. I didn't know about the short exposure but what exposure should I do for Alnitak ? 300s or 600s ?

Also, how many exposure ?

First, I will do all around the horse and after, I will do this star with short time of exposure !

Thank you also Coco and I will remind to you later about the white horse !


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