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Where to store a scope

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I am currently planning my first telecope purchase and am wondering where people store theirs.

The telecope I am planing will be too large to keep in the house safely and wonder whether it will be a problem if I keep it in the garage.

I have a large double garage which is secure and dry.

Forgive the newbie question, have a chuckle though if you like.


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Since my scope is quite a small one (I have the Sky-Watcher Skyhawk 1145P), I just went out and bought one of those big plastic storage boxes and leave the OTA in there with the red dot finder attached. I packed the inside with some bubble wrap to stop the OTA from rolling around. I also keep the eyepieces, control cables, tools and counter weight rod in there as well.

The tripod I leave set up behind my drum kit with a cloth thrown over it to keep it clean.

The counter weight sits on a strong table in my bedroom until it's needed.

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If you can store in your garage, that is a good place for cooldown and condensation. Leaving finder, etc in place is better. Things to consider are a wall mount cupboard, or a wardrobe. I don't know the size of scope! You just need something to keep the dust off and protect against accidental knocks. If you can keep everything (OTA, mount, tripod, eyepieces) in one place then it is so much easier to observe.

I once modified some open bookshelves to store an 8" OTA, mount, tripod and accessories. Kept the dust out with a cloth accross the front. This was behind a door so there was no problem with accidental knocks.

Definitely no need to go out and very expensive specialist cases for home storage.

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I just keep the whole thing fully assembled in the garage with a loose cover over it, makes it dead easy to set up, no fiddling about with screws etc.

The first time you correctly set it up mark the concrete where the tripod legs go and then you're pretty much there every time, just lift it out put the legs where you marked and off you go ... simples.

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Mine lives setup in the conservatory just a short lift to the observing spot and with the advantage of being able just to open the doors for southern views.

In the summer its moved to the back of the lounge as the conservatory gets tooooooo hot

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