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There are a couple of workflow guides on the Pixinsight forums based on calibrating and stacking Canon raw format images :

DSLR_RAW work flow

Workflow for Canon CR2 RAW Formats for Newbies

The first is a couple of video tutorials on the subject, the second offers a basic workflow which is the one I normally keep around for notes. There are in fact a whole bunch of discussions regarding the various gotcha's and oddities you'll run in to so it's worth a browse.

The process could certainly use a more streamlined frontend, however I've found the results to be way beyond anything else I have tried, though I'd be interested in comparing it to CCDStack some time.

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There is the batch format conversion under scripts I think this should work even though I have not tried it with raw files :eek:

Have a go as they say and let me know


Got lost in the dust here! I use a Nikon DSLR and therefore end up with .NEF (semi-raw) images. Is there a simple process I can get from there to FITS format? I want to try PI integration, so I don't want to stack in anything else first just to produce FIT files.


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Hi everyone, new to the forum. Hoping to learn and share.

Regarding this thread, I have a question.....I used the tutorial on canon dslr for newbies calibration. I ended up with a strange green colored flat?

I thought flats were supposed to be grayscale. Using this tutorial I converted the canon cr2 raws to fits, then proceeded to create a master bias, master dark, master dark flat, and eventually a master flat. But they are all color files? Is this correct or did I goof somewhere along the way.




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