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Daytme Venus


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Just had a great view of Venus at midday, only a couple of days past inferior conjunction.

The wonders of EQMOD. I aligned the scope by Synching to the sun in Carte du Ciel. Obviously risky and dangerous stuff, so I kept the main tube cap on to ensure that no sunlight went down the main tube, and aligned to the sun using the finder to project the sun onto a piece of card, and synching it when it was roughly central. I then slew to Venus and took the main tube cap off, added a long dewshield to shield the sun, and there she was. Really beautiful at a diameter of 61" and with a phase of less than 1%, but still obviously really bright and against a clear blue sky. Had a go at imaging it but the clouds had rolled in. Unforgettable.

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I caught her in fine crescent form, a couple of months back, around 14:00hrs in the afternoon, clear blue sky and dazzling sunlight, but I wouldn't have tried to look with her so close to the sun, especially with the rig rolling 6 or more degrees, far too dodgy!


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I didn't realise you could view Venus in the middle of the day! Though without GOTO it must be a challenge to find, it's not like you can star hop! lol

VERY risky trying to star hop! Yes, without GOTO it would have been tricky, if not downright dangerous with the sun so near.

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