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Meade Starfinder

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Anyone ever owned or experienced one of these scopes, one has come up for sale on astro buy and sell local to me. 318mm primary is pretty considerable.

The scope seems pretty old, the tube looks to be made from some type of giant toilet roll and the mount looks to have been crafted from some ones old kitchen worktop.

The focuser on this scope has been replaced and looks ok.

I think i am going to arrange a viewing as its local but wanted to know if anyone has any thoughts.

I recently sold my 250px as it didn't give enough performance to make me carry it out over a goto mounted 200mm sct. but I think a 120mm difference might make me reconsider.


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Yes, that is my old telescope that is up for sale :)

It's a real beast but the mirror is of excellent quality. I read a review or two before buying it myself and it was said that the mirrors in the Starfinders were some of the best Meade ever produced.

I fitted the Orion Optics Crayford seen in those photos, the original focuser was simply awful. The holes in the tube are from the original finder, which again was pretty awful. Put a Telrad on the tube to cover the holes, that's what i did.

Tube balance was a problem but easily cured with a counterbalance weight at the rear. Fortunately the screw thread in the centre of the mirror cell is a standard photo tripod thread. I bought a suitable bolt and used the smaller EQ3 weight to balance the tube.

I replaced the Nylon bearings on the base and altitude with Teflon, which greatly improved the movement. I was always on the look out for some Ebonystar to improve it further.....perhaps the current owner has done this now?

My only warning is the weight. The tube is heavy and a beast to move around. Heavier than the Revelation or Skywatcher 12" dobs.

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