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2" Extension tube

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I'll need a T-ring to attach my camera, when it arrives, and I am assuming that I will need a 2" tube extension to allow me to bring it to focus without a diagonal. I'll be mounting it on an Equinox 80 with a TRF-2008 reducer/flattener.

Do I need a 50mm or an 80mm tube? If both would work, am I better off with a 50mm tube, and having the focusser further out, or an 80mm tube and having it further in?

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I used a dslr on my Equinox 80 and I honestly dont remember using an extension tube.

Quickest way to see what you will need is to set it up on a target in daylight, rack the focuser all the way out and then loosen the camera and pull it out of the drawtube until you see a focused image on the screen and then have a quick measure. If to much stray light is getting in drop the exposure time and then cut some tubes at various lengths, only need to be something like a loo roll tube that will allow you to hold it up to the end of the focuser.

Just found an old picture of my setup in action and there was no extension tube in there so you might be lucky.

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