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One year here today.....

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Just realised that today is my 1st full year here as a member of SGL so just wanted to take the oppurtunity to thank "everyone" who has ever taken the time to respond to something I've posted and offered me advice and help to get me going in the right direction.

I am a much better astronomer for being involved with such a fantastic rescource such as this.

Really looking forward to seeing how the next 12 months of astronomy pan out especially now that I have made such a drastic change in my approach to visual and photographic astronomy.


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It sure does, I've enjoyed the time spent on here though, always seems to be productive. My wife isnt impressed that I post roughly 5 times a day everyday but thats nowt compared to some of you lot....lol, SGL addicts.

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Only 5 a day - somehow feels more than that :)

It's good to have you here Simon - here's to many more!!!


Well, when it comes to PM's thats actually at 8 a day.... :mad:

Cheers though chaps, its been a massive help to not only aid in my astronomy but to keep me going until my back is sorted.

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I bet it doesn't seem like a year though! I hope that the new changes prove profitable for you as there are no cheap decisions in astronomy.

Best of luck and lets hope the nights stay clear for you.


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Thanks Doc, I havnt yet no......its sooooo frustrating.

I was in Bath the other day and happened across the astro shop thats in town there and they had the big 2" Nirvana.......wow, thats huge!!!

It wont be too long though. I've got my dob project on the go so fingers crossed. Just need to pull myself away from here to do it.......not an easy task...lol.

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Congrats Simon!

I'm glad you made it to this board as you've given me someone else to chat to.

All the best for the future and hope things improve for you mate.

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Cheers TT, the feeling is very mutual. I just wish sometimes we were all alot closer so we could swing down the pub for a quick pint and a catch up.....

This place really has become much more than just an astro forum.

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Cheers everyone. Its the folks that are here that makes this place so great.

Me too Ron, just had another change in approach to getting it sorted by my doctor, only time will tell.

Observing is actually going to be easier for me. I couldnt keep setting the imaging rig up on the NEQ6 so I've sold all that and will now be using a 12" Dob once the base is built. It only has to travel four feet from the shed to the viewing spot and its going to be on some sort of rollable base.

Its the perfect height for me to stand at which I can manage for about 20 minutes at a time, and then sit down for a rest up. Hopefully it will get the kids out there with me aswell.

The only thing that might stop it in its tracks is having to lift that Meade 5000 34mm SWA.....its sooooo big!

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