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Recommended books for beginners?

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Evening all.

Sorry for having to ask what could probably be the most common question in here,but what books would you recommend for an absolute beginner to stargazing/astronomy.There are so many to pick from at Amazon,in particular 'turn left at Orion' looks like a good one for a beginner?

If there is a section in here devoted to 'books' could you provide a link to the page/s?

Cheers! :)

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I second that.Turn Left at Orion is a great book.

It also shows you what you will expect to see when looking through your own scope.Instead of the Hubble type images everyone thinks they will see(me included) when you first start out.


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Turn Left at Orion is a very good book for beginners or anyone with small to medium sized scopes. The choice of objects to observe are great and realistically set against the difficulty of light pollution.

One small point though is that there is meant to be a new edition coming out but no date has yet been given. This is a consideration as the data tables included in the back of the book are only valid until 2011. As the book isn't cheap, I would like you to get your money's worth. :)

Clear skies


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I cannot thank you all enough for your support and recommendations here.Having already read through the small philips 'Stargazing 2010' handbook this gave me a VERY brief introduction to navigating through the major constellations together with a few bonus events that may be expected like the Leonids some time later this month (Nov),but as you would expect now at my current stage I need to start digging deeper.So,TLAO it is then! :)

Cheers guys.

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