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Orion in H-alpna in a very wide field


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Why do you get a gradient when you use a Ha filter? Are they "Broad-band" versions? Anyhow, interesting setup! If you could get tracking to work so you could do multi-minute sub frames, that setup would produce some stunning wide field images :-)

I gave the gradient removal in Pixinsight LE a shot :-)


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Yo will get a gradient if a street light will be glowing directly on the lens :) And as it has insane FOV - it catches all the **** light from the ground. I shielded the lens with a tube, but it was bit to short to cut it all out.

And tracking isn't a problem. 144 arcsec/pixel isn't a problem for a HEQ5. Not that this is a f/2 CS industry lens so field curvature and everything else it's here :mad:

And Adam killed the gradient and made a mosaic:


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