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Polar aligning HEQ5 SynScan

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I upgraded to Synscan recently and had a go at Andromida with the 300D. Now, I tried to polar align the scope with the new LED fitted but all I can see is a bright red field with the alignment diagram, absolutely no chance of seeing Polaris as its far too bright - I cant understand how this helps anyway :D even if it was dimmer. Anyway it was impossible to do so I did my best to get it facing north with 53' angle on mount. I'm afraid it took quite a while to get the scope to go anywhere near my target - when I finally did get a "poor alignment" it got my target roughly in the FOV but the tracking was awful, it was so much more accurate tracking with the HEQ5.

I must have missed something - settings, method or something. Can anyone help? :D PLEASE :D

And there is still the bright LED thing that makes it impossible to polar align.

Oh yes - 20 seconds with shutter open caused trailing!!



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Scotty, having put an LED in my HEQ5, the LED is probably inserted too far into the polar scope itself. You'll need to adjust it so there is a dim light in the scope.

It helps because you will be able to see the dark etchings on the polar reticule AND Polaris. Without it, the dark etchings are difficult to see.


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Thats how I thought it might work, however the "etchings" appear to be more like a transfer or print rather than any depth to it - is that a normal appearence?

Edit: having now adjusted the LED I see its directly in middle of the view - surely any light will have a negative impact on seeing Polaris - no matter how high I adjust the plastic housing its in its still far far too bright. Methinks its time to unplug it.


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