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Does anyone know if Bushnell is a good brand for telescope?

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PS: I'm from brazil, I need something small enough for shipping here, I really liked the Heritage P130. I can't afford other big and heavier telescopes like Orion ones. Just to know: the celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ would be US$ 930 to ship here... mutiply by 1,70 (depends on Real (brazilian money) price) then you have about R$ 1581... then you got to pay taxes when it get here... so you multiply again by 1,6 then it is R$ 2529,60... I can't afford that.

I wanted to buy a Skywatcher Heritage P130 Flex Tube, but I couldn't find anyone at amazon or any american stores. I found a Bushnell Ares 5" though for almost the same price (US$ 230). The Bushnell comes with the same stuff that come with the Skywatcher... 2 plossl EP 25mm and 5mm and a Red Dot Finder.

Both are practically the SAME scope...

This is the link for both:

Bushnell ARES 5" Compact Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope OpticsPlanet Edition FREE S&H 785000. Bushnell DOB Telescopes, Bushnell Telescopes. (bushnell)



I really want to buy the Bushnell, but I'm afraid that it is just a poor copy of the good skywatcher!... please, help me through this decision!

Thanks in advance =)

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I think your fears are justified - I've not owned one but I've from what I've read on Bushnell I'm not attracted to their products. By contrast, Skywatcher are a well respected brand now - even Sir Patrick Moore endorses them !.

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This Orion US mini-dob is a lot better quality and 6" aperture as well and is $249.00. Although it's not a flextube it's still a very compact little scope.

Orion StarBlast 6 Astro Reflector Telescope




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