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Which book is good for the southern part of equator?

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Hello again!

I want to buy a book for astronomy, and I'm researching a lot right now.

I found 5 interesting books:

- turn left at orion

- constellation guidebook

- nightwatch

- The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide

- Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders

My only doubt is whether their charts, draws, tips and everything else can be used by people from the southern part of the equator or not, since the latitude and longitude change

Thank you all!

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Hello Lulaz and welcome to SGL. I notice that you live in Sao Paulo - Brazil which I believe has a similar latitude to Rio. I am aware from the Caldwell list that you can view as high as the Cave Nebula - number 9, which has a declination of +62 degrees 37'.

I have a copy of the Illustrated guide to astronomical wonders (very good book) which goes down to about - 30 Dec so you will be missing a large amount of sky wonders in the Southern Hemisphere.

You therefore might also want to purchase another book which might be recommended by members from Australia, New Zealand or your own continent of South America.

I would add that the Caldwell list contains 109 objects of which 68 - 109 cannot be seen from the UK although these should be visible in Brazil. Steve O'Meare has produced a book on the Caldwell list if that is of interest.


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Do you know Any book? =\

"=\" because I bought this book "Illustrated guide to astronomical wonders" at amazon already =\

but it's ok, I paid 3 dolars for it, so I'm good =). I bet that the 3 dolars (out of 20) represents the Amount of the book that I'll actually be able to use, so I think it is fair enought!

thank you!

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