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Skywatcher 130M v 150P

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Just looking at scopes. I ideally would love a skywatcher 150p as a first scope, but nothings coming up at this point.

If I went for the 130M which is motor driven, would I be disapointed? I mean, would I be forever thinking, its nice, but would it be better in a 150? or for a first timer, would it not make any difference?

My aim is to see the brighter Galaxy's and complete the s@n's monthly deep sky tour, would the 130 do this, or should I wait it out for the 150?

Am all confused about this really :)

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I agree with Mark, the 150p would give more satisfying views. generally for DSOs aperture is what matters and the more the better up to what you can afford / physically carry/move.

are you intending getting into photography (very expensive to get good results of anything other than basic planet shots)?? if not (or not soon) then consider Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian. this will be even better. there's no tracking but it is pretty much the ideal 'starter scope' not that there is such a thing. I really don't find a lack of tracking a problem even at higher magnifications - I love dobs!

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I looked at dobs and they just look bulky, there is a chance the scope will get moved around the country in the back of my car, along with a load of racing gear so a dob is a bit to big to fit.

They look a bit stunted as well, as in don't you have to get on all 4's to look at anything through them? in which case its of no use cause the mrs has a bad back (lol, at age 28 :)) and it would agrevate it bending that far.

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the tube on a dob is often a bit longer but not always. the base is a little bulkier but overall they take up less space than a tube/mount combo.

I found that an EQ mounted newt was worse on the back than a dob unless you want to be turning the tube round all the time in the rings.

generally with a dob I would recommend sitting to observe. that said, my two are both over five feet tall when upright.

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i got the 130 as my first scope and it was great...only problem is that i wanted to see more, bigger and better so within about 4 months i bought a secondhand skywatcher 250 :)

id say go for the 150 if space is limited in your car, you will only want to upgrade sooner or later with the 130

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