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Another NE astronut...


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Hi all,

I've been looking about all over the net for a decent forum and this looks like it!

I had a Tasco 60mm refractor about thirty years ago, plus bino's and somehow it didn't put me off. I've always wanted to get back into astronomy but only now do I have the opportunity to do so.

Well that's not strictly true; I have used my Mark I eyeballs and a pair of 10 by 50 bins on and off over those 30 yrs. For some odd reason, mostly during the winter when it's freezing...

After a year's gentle persuasion, my wife let me buy a small reflector - a Sky Watcher 130. No parabolic mirror, not 150mm, no RA motor. That's all I can get away with for now. But hey, the scope was out of the box, balanced and was used to view Jupiter the day I got it less than a week ago.

Not been much clear sky since then but I've had a couple of peeks between clouds. Last night I tried to find M31, could find it through that same pair of 10 by 50 bins but with the scope (20mm ep) - no chance - my first EQ mount. So that would be normal, then!

Does seem nicely collimated, though. Will be trying to get a polar alignment. When I can actually see polaris...


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Hi and welcome to the lounge. Don`t worry too much as the scope you have gets some good reviews on here. Binoculars are good too and even some of the more seasoned observers still use them.

There is a lot you can see with your scope as i am sure a little patience and perseverence will show you.

Best of luck with your re discovery of astronomy and hope the skies clear for you soon.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I have used a very similar size reflector and can confirm that you can see plenty in them.

M42 Orion nebular in Orion

M13 in Hercules and many other globular clusters

M31 Andromeda

M45 Pleiades in Taurus

Albireo (doubke star) in Cygnus, M57 (ring nebular) in Lyra

M65 /M66 Galaxies in Leo

Now of course they aren't going to look like the images from Hubble and certainly if your live or can get to a dark site (avoiding Light Pollution) you will have a better chance of resolving them. Every bit of kit has its limitations but I have had a lot of fun with mine including Saturn, Jupiter and of course the moon. :mad:

Clear skies and enjoy your kit. :)


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Welcome to SGL Altair. I have the same telescope as you and I have managed to see a few deep sky objects in the short time I've had it. I have also had my problems finding stuff but that is getting better now I'm using star chart apps on my iPhone.

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Hi from me too - your 130 will show you quite a bit. Rings of Saturn, cloudbelts and moons of Jupiter, M42 Orion Nebula to name a few.

The tracking motir would help with planetary observing for your scope but you can get by without.

Anyway welcome from me and any questions just ask up :)

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