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Asteroid miss...by me


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Every done this?

Got the RA and Dec for the 2003 UV11 coming close to earth this week..mag 11/13..

Worked out the location at 8pm on the 27th...looked and looked and looked..stars visible to 13.5 but no 500m accross rock??

Bored so looked at NGC 772..very nice but decided not to draw it as I wanted another go at the asteroid...

Nothing..grr take telescope in..

Look up 2003 UV11 and this time an hourly set of RA and DEC's..

Checked 8pm on the 27th...and different co-ords from my calculated ones...:)

I was looking for the asteroid positon of 8pm on the 26th! grrr...I hate the 24hr clock...

And even more annoying..the position at 8pm on the 27th was yes next to the galaxy NGC 772..If only I had drawn the field stars I might have picked up the asteroid..:mad:

Lesson is check anc check again, try and find hourly co ords or a map..

What about tonight to Saturday...well I think the cloud might have something to say about that here in Bristol..

At least if someone else has made the same mistake I may feel a little better...

I do have a lovely drawing of field stars to 13.5 in the southern section of Aries!


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Good try but you'll have to be quick.

Acoording to Calsky it's currently whizzing along at 2000" in RA every hour, increasing to 9000" on Saturday. Wow! That's 5x the moon's visual diameter every hour.

Interesting imaging opportunity.

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Here's the co-ordinates every hour for the next couple of days (from Calsky).

It's at its brightest tomorrow and really speeds up, before slowing down rapidly after the weekend.


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Here's a plot for the asteroid every hour for the next 24 hours, from 21:00 BST this evening, from Cartes du Ciel.

Right across Pegasus in one day. Now that's moving!


Incidentally does anyone now how to isolate an object in CdC, so that you can draw a plot of its path without it plotting all the other asteroids as well?

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