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Apollo Mission Landing Sites


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Having looked at the moon through scopes and binoculars, it occurred to me that I didn't know even the general locations of the Apollo mission landings. I did some googling and found several articles but most were about seeing equipment left on the moon.

I realize that it would be impossible to see anything left by the astronauts, but I was wondering how much detail one might be able to see if focused on the lunar coordinates with different home scope setups. What would be the smallest area that one might be able to focus on with typical home kit?

Has anyone done photos focusing on lunar landing areas? I'm still trying to get my brain wrapped around the distances and the optical capabilities of, say, an 8" newt. I found this photo that shows the general location of the landings, but have no idea how much more specific a view might be had.



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You may want to take a look at Google Earth, it has a facility which allows you to change the location from Earth to the Moon or Mars. Both the Moon and Mars are represented as an interactive globe rendered with some high definition pictures in a similar way to the Earth view. The various moon landing sites are represented together with background information and a few HD quality panorama photographs. As a bonus you can also use the flight simulator mode (select Tools from menu bar then enter flight sim ) and fly over the surface of either the Moon or Mars - with a bit of practice you can land on the moon!


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The Japanese Hi-Res Lunar mission earlier this year, or last ?' has sent back the best shots for the sites. So even an independant organisation has images, not just Nasa. These where shown on the Sky at Night.

Taken from a craft in very low orbit. I've actually met Al Bean (A12), Ed Mitchell (A14) and Charlie Duke (A16) moonwalkers. Very nice fellas indeed. Type in "Autographica" into your browser this event has moonwalkers and early astro/cosmonauts every year. If you're into that ofcourse.

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No - the new theory is that the photos were also faked (by the LRO and the others that have taken photos). There are even people who believe that the LCROSS mission was a fake because there was no plume visible from the impact. All stupid, and they can't get down off their high horses now that they have made so many claims - they just can't accept that they are wrong.

Anyway, it's not nice for every Apollo discussion to resort to hoax claims, so here is a nice picture I found of the Hadley Rille area where Apollo 15 landed:


I haven't seen the rille yet, and I too would like to know exactly where to look to find the landing site.

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