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Comet 103P - Data and PR from CARA group

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Initial results - Using the Radial weighted model image processing plug in for AstroArt, developed by Martino Nicolini (which flattens the coma against a theoretical 1/r coma model) members of the CARA team have produced initial processing results on changes observed in the inner coma structure of Comet 103P Hartley/2.

The images are shown here in images taken by me between the 13th and 16th October using Faulkes Telescope North, using Bessel R band filters with 5 second integrations.

The change in shape appears to show more intense emissions and/or possibly a small outburst. This was also something suspected from images taken on Oct 12th.

It appears clear that the comet is showing interesting levels of small timescale variability. Additional photometric measurements are being made and further analysis by members of the CARA group is ongoing.


From Toni Scarmato again using images taken by me with FTN


Light Curve Update!! Using recent images of A. Brosio I am confident about a possible "event" occurred between 2010 October 11 and 16 on 103/P Hartley 2. The afrho quantity increase from about 100 cm to about 200 cm and magnitude in R band is 7.29 for 5.59' of aperture equvalent to about 15000 Km. I have other images to measure from N. Howes (October 14, 15 and 16) and A. Brosio from October 20. Unfortunately the very high resolution of the images taken with FTN no permit to use large aperture. However preliminary measures with small aperture equivalent to 1000-2000 Km show the same behaviour.

NASA have also reported some strange outbursts around these dates, so more work is onoing and constant imaging both from home and Faulkes

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