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Sorry for the late reply guys, I have been away and had no Internet.:)

Thanks all for the kind comments.

There's a lot in there isn't there! The globules show up well. I don't know about you mIke but I get a certain satisfaction when I get some good data through the full moon...
James, indeed I didn't hold out much hope for a deep image but was pleasantly surprised with the result considering the moon.:mad:
Most impressive Mike, i'm surprised you got such great detail for such short subs
TJ unfortunately at the mo diff flex limits me to around 10 minute subs but the 10" newt dose well on Ha.


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Hi Mike.

Lovely image indeed,you know imaging in mono has its own wonders and a lots of detail can be tweaked from the raw.Many a fine photo has been ruined by adding colour data,as the balance has to just right,i am speaking form experience.



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