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Proposed sale of the forests !


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Erm, Britain's trespass laws allow you to walk where you want ( within reason) and as long as you are doing no damage and leave everything as it is you can go where you want.

Edit: Scotland's trespass laws - lol my bad. Unlucky England.

Indeed. But I am no match for a burly gameskeeper with a rifle. I for one cannot understand what the "right to roam" law did for users of the English countryside. Sweet FA it seems.

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Well ! I'd like to thank all posters. Yes even the light hearted ones. We all need a laugh now and again. Also thanks to the mods for letting it run. Cheers Kevin.

Also thanks to the signers. We will only know for sure if all our efforts are wasted. But if the FC stays intact we may have helped.

Just for a little balance, I must say that the FC does cost the country a small amount. It tries to make a profit but it's duty bound to sell it's timber at a lower price than it could. Also it has to provide, at great expense, public access, footpaths, cycle tracks etc. The FC makes as much money as it is allowed. That SHOULD include us when we use Kielder Castle. They let us run riot don't they ? And all for nothing.

There aren't too many places left where you can enjoy a dark sky and a little peace.

Cheers all,


Oh. Best say I'm not part of the FC but being involved with Kielder star party I get to chat with some of the rangers and locals.

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After all the hue and cry over the destruction of Forrest's thought the world it seems incredible that such a decision should have been made, let us hope public opinion will let common sense prevail.

Petition signed.

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Hi all,

It's with a heavy heart I read this today - grough — Minister confirms forest sell-off plans

And the links below it. Bit depressed if I'm honest. I've heard it all before and I'm sure will hear it again.

It's true the Countryside rights of way act lets walkers in but not bikers, horse riders and maybe astronomers. We get away with it at the moment because the FC is on our side. They've run astro nights at Dalby for around 15 years now and host two domes at the visitor center.

They also look after our wild life. For instance, the Tawny Owl project at Kielder has been running for 30 years! We had a Golden Eagle youngster up there very recently, until some one decided it had to be poisoned. We can't have it landing on Private ground.

I'll shut up now. Sorry. Damn depressed.


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